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Cunningham and Cogan Whaling Gun

Product Description

14495 Shoulder whaling gun made by Cunningham and Cogan. This is a very rare transitional version, ca 1880ís, made with a 7/8th inch bore to accommodate the standard bomb lances in common use at the time. The original 1877 patent for this gun had a 1 inch bore, requiring purchase from them of that size bomb which no one else made. The gun is made of cast iron but a further modification to their earlier design is the use of a non ferrous metal (brass) for the breech block. 
Oa 36 in, weight 24 lbs. Very good condition.

Prior to this breech design all shoulder whaling guns were loaded through the muzzle. This new style of breech block was a great improvement as it allowed for loading of a bomb lance with a cartridge through the rear of the gun. SORRY, SOLD
14495 Cunningham and Cogan Whaling Gun
Item# 14495a

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