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Nautical Nantucket

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Ship Weathervane
15007 Rare Antique Whaling Lance on Original Pole
3002 Antique Scrimshaw Tooth–Lady of the Lake/Ameridan Ship-of-the-Liine
15003 Fisherman's Macrame Eel Basket
14539,3  Antique Scrimshaw Tooth With Revolutionary Soldier
14542 Antique Scrimshaw Tusks with Female Portraits
14396  Antique Scrimshaw Busk
14495 Cunningham and Cogan Whaling Gun
14557 Spermaceti Candles from Nantucket
14544 Nantucket Whale Whirligig by Lincoln Ceely
14515 Early Scrimshaw Mirror
2732 Ceres Tooth by William Gilpin
14402a Antique Scrimshaw Swift with Inlaid Clamp
14449  Murphey, Whaling Voyage on Ship Dauphin
14541 Jack Tar Andirons
14450 Antique Scrimshaw Tooth with Hornet and Wasp
2708 Antique Scrimshaw Dipper
2727 Antique Scrimshaw Serving Mallet
14484  Whale Mobile by William Chamberlain of Nantucket
14531 First Edition Mutiny on the Ship Globe
14385 Flayderman Scrimshaw Rolling Pin
14528,1  Whimsical Antique Sailor's Whale Ivory Carving
14466 1884 Eldridge Chart of Vineyard Sound and Nantucket Shoals
14489  George Grant Whaleboard
2663 Antique Scrimshaw Scribe with Provenance
2675 Rare Humpback Iron by Macy
2665 Antique Scrimshaw Whalebone Gauging Rod
2657  Aletha Macy Whaleboard
14495, Whaling Gouge Spade
2650 Antique Scrimshaw Tooth with Hope and Ship of the Line
14386 John Coggeshall Scrimshaw Busk
14477 Original 1869 Ewer Nantucket Map
14485 Temple Type Whaling Harpoon
14460 First Edition Obed  Macy  <u>History of Nantucket</u>
2639  John Austin Admiralty Club Madaket
2648 Signed Vintage Nantucket Purse
Outfitting Book for Bark Eugenia
14779,a Signed Parker Nantucket Single Flue Harpoon
2637 Watercolor of Sankaty Light, Nantucket by J.B. Reid
14473 Pierce Darting Gun and Iron
2652 Scrimshaw Swift From Flayderman Collection
14480  Triple Scrimshaw  Swift in Original Box
14475  Scrimshaw Tooth by Frederick W. Myrick
2635a Antique Ship's Figurehead
2592 Signed Double Flue Whaling Harpoon
14336 Rare Antique Tryworks Bailer
2532 "Off Sankaty" by James Walter Folger
14305 Rare Nantucket Fire Bucket