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Nautical Nantucket


Signed American Sliver Spade

American Signed Whaling Spade

Signed American Double-Flued Whaling Harpoon
Scarce 19th C. Whaleboat Water Cask

Vintage Spermaceti

14552 Bottle of Unrefined Sperm Whale Oil
14499  Catalogs of Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection
14490 Bark Gay Head Inventory
14491 Russell Whaling Prints

14455a  Catalog of Nantucket Whalers
14449  Murphey, Whaling Voyage on Ship Dauphin
Whaling Books
Harpoons and Other Whalecraft
Click image to see a variety of authentic whaling gear.

14424 Whaling Painting on Panbone
14356b Rare Whaling Letter with Anti-Black Sentiment
14356a Rare Civil War Period Whaling Letter from Hawaii
14297 Arctic Whaling Fleet
14344c Rare Whale Boat Paddle
14347 "The Whalers"
11189b Bill of Sale, Brig <u>Daisy</u>
2554 Accounts for Whaling Bark <u>Roscoe</u>
2555 Whaleman's Discharge Payment Order
2537 Whaling Insurance <u>A.R. Tucker</u>
2487 Rare Whaling Letter Bag
14222 Rare Whaling Plate
2361 Whalemen's Shipping Paper
11189a Sperm Oil Bill of Lading
2356 Rare Whaling Letter
2357 Ordering Sperm Oil
2043 Log Book of Whaling Ship Winslow
2044 Double Ship's Log Book
Outfitting Book for Bark Eugenia