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Nautical Nantucket

Whimsical Antique Sailor's Whale Ivory Carving

Product Description

14528,1 A very rare and unique 19th century scrimshaw carving of an acrobatic figure or circus trouper whose hands would have wrapped around a bar (now missing) in her performance. The female nude is depicted in an extreme back arch as if flipping backwards with her feet and hands on an accordion-like base which is decorated with red and green dots. Hand carved from a sperm-whale tooth. 2 3/16 inches tall, in excellent condition with a fine rich patina.

Scrimshaw sculpture is rarely encountered and very few pieces have survived even in museum collections. This is truly a gem.

14528,1 Whimsical Antique Sailor's Whale Ivory Carving
Item# 14528-1

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