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2417 Rare Antique Fijian Tabua2417 Rare Antique Fijian Tabua

2417 Rare Antique Fijian Whale's Tooth Tabua

Product Description

Rare Fijian tabua with fiber necklace. Tabuas are ornamental necklaces fashioned from sperm whale teeth which were acquired by trade with whalemen. They were worn by high ranking natives. Tooth 6 3/4 in. long. 19th C. An old paper label afixed to one side reads "BULL WHALE'S TOOTH".

A tabua (pronounced tam-bua) is a highly prized possession in Fiji and would be used in native ceremonies. Tabuas are not bought and sold, but when one is presented to an individual it is a symbol of great respect.

2417 Rare Antique Fijian Tabua
Item# 2417

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