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Rare Humpback Iron by Macy

Product Description

2675 This is a very rare Humpback Iron (also sometimes called a Recovery Iron), used to recover dead humpback whales which generally sank after they were killed. †If possible, such an iron would be driven into the muscle of a recently killed humpback before it sank, for use in towing it to the surface. †If the whale carcass sank before this was accomplished, the Humpback Iron would be fitted with loops and a heavy weight and sent down the line attached to the capturing harpoon in an attempt to attach to the sunken whale for later recovery after the gases of decomposition would make the whale more buoyant. †The harpoon is 30 5/8 in. long; †the toggle head is 8 5/8 in. long; diameter of shaft 5/8in. †Maker's name MACY (E. B. & F. Macy, New Bedford, ca. 1860ís to 80ís) is on the lower right side of the head, forward of the pivot pin. †Very good condition.

2675 Rare Humpback Iron by Macy
Item# 2675

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