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Nautical Nantucket
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14539,5 Pair of Antique Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks14539,5 Pair of Antique Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks

Elaborately Engraved Pair of Antique Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks

Product Description

14539,5 Wonderful pair of walrus tusks fully engraved on all 4 sides with floral decorations at the tips of each. On the obverse of the first tusk there is a sailor standing next to an American flag. Beneath are a young girl and boy, a girl with a diog, and a woman reaching up to Napoleon who is astride a horse and leaning towards her. The reverse of this tusk shows a cavalier type figure with a dog and five Indians surrounding a woman. The obverse of the second tusk displays 2 birds feeding chicks in a nest, a boy and girl, a woman with a boy and girl at her sides, and Napoleon the 3d astride a horse. On the reverse there is a caped figure similar to the gentleman on the first tusk, an Indian with a dog, and 3 maidens surrounding a cupid with a lyre.

The tusks are in very fine condition with the exception of a broken out arched section about 2 in. x 1 1/2 in. beneath the figure of Napoleon the 3rd. 16 1/2 in. long with very good patina.

Several similar pairs of tusks by the same hand are known in other collections.

14539,5 Pair of Antique Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks
Item# 14539-5

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